Something Random


I’m the kind of girl who prefers planned things, so I very rarely do something out of the moment.


Last Sunday, about a week ago, K and and I went on a random morning hike. Well, more like a walkathon. The plan was only to go visit our dead relatives in the cemetery, but somehow we ended up X kilometers away from civilization. And being almost devoid of any sense of direction, I started getting pissed because it started feeling toooo far away.

You know that feeling where you still have a long, long way to go but it’s equally as far to go back? The sun was already so high up, I could feel it pricking my skin. I was wearing the wrong shoes so it was a nightmare stepping on rocks. But it felt good!


The view of the sky and mountains were amazing though my phone camera would never do justice to it. It was a pleasant change of scenery compared to the malls and buildings we’re used to.


Officially promising myself to do more of this at the right time of the day and with proper shoes. 🙂


Sunday Currently | 01

For the past three weeks (I think), I’ve been trying to post something up on my blog twice a week. This Sunday, I originally wanted to post something that I had written a couple weeks before but never published. I was about to schedule it a few days ago, I read it again and… I just absolutely hated it! I could not bear publishing it. Hahaha!

Since I did not want to break my streak, I decided on finally doing this. The Sunday Currently tag (I may be using a wrong term here) has been one of the first things I’ve been interested in doing when I started blogging but I always put it off. Yes, like everything else in my life.

So I know this was originally created by Siddathornton but I first saw this from Maine Mendoza, who blogs over at The Pessimistic Optimistic Bella. She is one of the local celebrities I love. She’s not just funny, she super smart as well. She writes insightful blogs and really lovely poems. OK… let me stop there before I totally fangirl over here.

After that long-winded intro, here is my first-ever (hopefully not last) entry to Sunday Currently


My standard pambahay (house clothes) outfit. Shorts and shirt. And… TMI Alert!!! No bra. 😀


To my brother snoring. It’s always like this in our house. Everybody’s snoring while I’m wide awake, forcing myself to sleep. My insomnia and I have forever.


About future plans. So last Friday, I learned that my original game plan (in life) may not work. I’m really bummed because 1) I’ve been totally energized about that plan and 2) I don’t know what else to do. At least not yet. I’ll figure this out. Vague, right? Perhaps I’ll talk about it one day.


That the best is yet to come. It doesn’t feel like it sometimes but I really do hope it would come.


Excited and nervous. I have a school event later. We’d be getting dolled up and all and for a formal function so I’m excited. Yet I’m nervous because I was assigned to be the host of the said event. And I’m just praying I won’t embarrass myself later.

Thinking 2

Why I even accepted that hosting assignment. And how I really should be sleeping right about now.

Hoping 2

I won’t trip over while dancing *cringes* and embarrass myself even more.


That I’ve been kind of productive lately. Blog-wise and life-wise.


More positive vibes 😉


Lazy afternoons during college days. Our university was by the beach (sounds awesome, right?!?) so my friends and I spent quite a lot of afternoons on one of the benches in the campus under the shades of acacia trees either studying or just hanging out with sea breeze on our skins. Ahhh those were the days…


I guess that’s it for my Sunday Currently entry but before I leave, let me show you a photo of our lovely campus that I miss so much.


Photo from Philippine Tourist Destinations


Hope you all have a great Sunday!!!


On Repeat: Movies

Making a list of favorite of movies is just so hard to do because one, there are so many to choose from and, two, how do you choose? So I thought of making a list of movies that are essentially on repeat on my playlist. I’ve watched these movies more than five times. These are my go-to movies whenever I feel like watching something but not really feeling anything in particular. So let’s start!!!



This is about a girl named Julie Baker and her long-time crush Bryce Loski, bearer of the world’s most dazzling eyes. It’s a coming of age movie that’s told from Julie’s and Bryce’s point of view. If I want to forget my state of being an adult, I watch this and reminisce feeling like a teen.

First Daughter


This is also another of my feel-good movies. It’s about the First Daughter of the United States going off to college, trying to balance her personal and high profile life, and ends up falling in love with an undercover Secret Service agent.

Memorable line: “I loved who I got to be with him.”

Life As We Know It


This is about a man and a woman both left with their best friend’s child who eventually find love in each other. Cute, right? Yep, plus it’s got Josh Duhamel… so I’d say that will speak for itself.

Memorable line: “Running a baby is not like running bakery. They’re a mess, they pee on things, they bite. They’re basically dogs.”

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 1 & 2


I love Harry Potter. I may not be able to claim that I’m the biggest fan but I love Harry Potter. And out of the eight movies, these two are my favorite to watch again and again.

Memorable line: “Always.”

Bridget Jones’ Diary


I’ve heard soooo much about this movie for so many years but I never really bothered to watch it. I don’t know why. But man, when I watched it… I got it. I got why so many people love it. Bridget is hilarious!!! I could totally relate to her clumsiness. Bridget is my inspiration. Hahaha!

Memorable line: “I like you, very much. Just as you are.”

Olympus Has Fallen


This movie focuses on a Secret Service agent named Mike Banning who’s just absolutely awesome. Perhaps a man single-handedly saving the White House from terrorists is a little over the top but what I mostly like to watch on these kinds of movies is patriotism and how much it takes to storm into a burning building instead of running away from it, to use one’s body to protect someone else’s, to be worthy of being called a hero. Included in this, too, is its sequel London Has Fallen.

Memorable line: “Classified? Really? Well right now I believe I have the proverbial need to fuckin’ know.”

Silver Linings Playbook


A love story like no other. I’m a rom com nut and I’ve seen tons of movies about perfect people finding love in this crazy world but we rarely see one about two eff-ed up people finding love despite everything. For days when I feel like I’m too broken to ever find love, I watch this.

Memorable line: “The world will break your heart ten ways to Sunday. That’s guaranteed.”

The Avengers


This is by far my favorite of all the Marvel movies. Now, some people may disagree out there but please don’t judge my choices. Haha!

Memorable line: “There’s only one God, ma’am, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that.”



A story about a dad whose estranged daughter gets kidnapped for human trafficking. The dad, played by Liam Neeson, goes through hell to bring his daughter back.

Memorable line: “I will find you and I will kill you.”

So there you go. Those are my favorite movies. Just a few of them actually. What are yours? Do we share anything in common?


You and I


One day, we’ll sit together, beer in our hands and smiles on our faces. We’ll talk about how we used to be. You’d tell me about all the adventures you’ve had, the loves you’ve loved, and the life you’ve had.

I’d tell you about all the stories I haven’t told you, the crazy things I never thought I’d do, the beautiful views I’ve seen, and all the loves I’ve loved. I’d ask you more questions than I ever had the chance before. I’d get to know you again. Heck, I’d get to know more.

I always wonder about how it will be when we see each other. Will it be the same us with just a different you and I? Will it be like not a decade passed between us? Will having you beside me be familiar?

Or will we be strangers? Mere faces in both our distant memories. We’ll share the same stories but the people in our stories are different from the ones beside us. Will we share the same awkward hello as the first time we met? Or will we hug each other as tight as we did when we said goodbye?

All these things I have yet to know. And I will continue to wonder until we meet again.

Two Important Things I Learned from a Blogging Seminar

“What did you do over the weekend?”

“I joined a seminar” is not what someone I know would expect as my response. But I really did join a seminar! Anyway, so I attended a Blogging for Beginners seminar by Vic Madriaga of held last Saturday, May 20, 2017 at Giuseppe, The Nest.


A few nights ago, I saw the photo above posted on Sir Vic’s Facebook page on my timeline. Vic Madriaga, by the way, is a multi-awarded blogger, social media strategist, lifestyle columnist, and is one of Cagayan de Oro’s social media influencers.

I immediately thought of joining but, as with everything else in my life, I debated with myself whether or not I should do it. Thank God I was able to cast my second thoughts aside and just went ahead and did it, because while some of things discussed I already kind of knew, I learned two important points I never would’ve learned had I not had a chance to listen to someone who has successfully done it for years.

Share It

I created this blog a year ago in hopes of developing how I write and finding my voice in writing. I wrote on it almost consistently for two months and left it to rut. But here’s the thing. Apart from three people in my life, I haven’t actually shared the existence of this blog. Only the WordPress world knows about this. Well, at least the few people who bother to click on my posts.

Sir Vic emphasized the importance of sharing your blog and not keeping it to yourself, which is what I’ve been doing. In his words, “If you want to keep it to yourself, you can but you have to share it eventually,” (probably not the exact words but you get the idea). I don’t know when eventually will come for me but it will. I promise myself it will.

Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

Sir Vic openly talked about his struggles as a newbie blogger 10 years ago back when social media still wasn’t a thing and blogging was a relatively new concept. He was so generous to share his blunders and pointed out to us what we should and shouldn’t do as bloggers. (Naks! Claim it!).

Listening to his story has reminded me that indeed nothing worth having comes easy, a construct that is easily forgotten. His success didn’t happen overnight yet he still went for it knowing it is what he wants.

Proof that this happened.


Photo with Sir Vic. Yay! Certificate!


Photo with everyone else in the seminar. Both photos are from Sir Vic by the way.

And here’s a photo from my point of view.


I learned a lot of technical stuff for blogging, too, an area I don’t feel confident talking about just yet, so I opt just sharing these two things. For now maybe?

Attending this event was definitely worth it. Although I’m more into shaping my site as a personal blog, this seminar definitely opened my eyes to possibilities. A new world made possible by blogging.

Beautiful Madness


You are my madness

The kind of crazy I long for

Steady and exciting at same time

Safe and deliriously thrilling all at once

You are my peace

The kind only brought about by a slow day

Uneventful yet satisfying

You are my art

The kind of beauty that stands out

Like the hues of a sunset

Exquisite and truly captivating

You are my love

The beautiful madness in my heart