Give me a pill for my empty days

For when my heart feels hollow

And my soul seems heavy

Give me a pill to whisk me away from my tunnel

Cold and dark

Bring me light

Give me a pill

Set me free

Till I am weightless


And happy


A message to the girl no one ever loved

Time and again, you watch your friends fall in and out of love. You’ve given countless of advice on relationships while wondering if your advice even makes sense. You’ve listened to endless stories about friends’ boyfriends and their date nights. You know every little detail as if it was your own relationship.

But it’s not.

After every late-night chat sessions, you still sleep alone or you come home from a night out with no one to send a good night message to, no one to talk to about whatever you did on girls’ night, who got wasted, or who got hit on.

On a good day, you’re perfectly happy being single. You have no one to answer to. No one to have to argue with. No one gets pissed off if you’ve had a little too much drink. But that’s the thing, you have no one save for your family, friends, and your dog. On a good day, that’s totally fine. On a bad day, not so much.

So to the girl no one ever loved…

Stop. For heaven’s sake, stop thinking less of yourself. Stop singling out your every flaw because it only makes you feel unworthy. Stop putting yourself down because it’s easier to believe that no one will ever like you.

Instead, start. Start learning to love yourself. I know, cliché, right? Who cares if it’s cliché when it’s actually very true? Start to redefine what loving yourself means. Maybe loving yourself means getting out of your comfort zone, pushing yourself, and facing the things that terrify you.

Stop overthinking. You’re pressuring yourself too much. Don’t let society dictate how you live your life. You didn’t let it years ago, don’t change that now. Your time will come. Go out and enjoy life. Remember all those things you said you would do? Go do it finally. Travel wherever you want, read every book you can, explore places, learn new things. Go out and live.

Start believing. Believe that someone is out there for you. Believe even if it’s uncertain. Believe that someday you will meet a guy whose smile makes everything meaningful, whose hug makes you a little less terrified of the world. The guy who, when you meet, can make you say, “All those years of waiting were worth it. I’d be willing to wait just as long or twice as long in another lifetime to find you again.”

Whatever you do, just have a little more faith.


We all long to find someone who we’ll feel an insane connection with. Call it whatever you want. Spark? Chemistry? Magic? Your soulmate? I’ve been looking, waiting, looking, and waiting. Now, I’ve come to the realization that maybe I met mine when I was too stupid and too scared to realize it.  That maybe i had my chance at happiness when I was 15 and I didn’t take it.