30 Day Song Challenge: Day 8


Day 8 – A Song about Drugs or Alcohol

Gorilla by Bruno Mars

Year Released: 2012

Okay. So I know this song is more about sex than it is actually about drugs or alcohol. But it did talk about intoxication in this beginning so I’m going with this. 🙂 I love how raunchy and racy this song is. It’s the type song you wouldn’t dare play in front of your conservative grandmother or something.

Ooh I got a body full of liquor
With a cocaine kicker
And I’m feeling like I’m thirty feet tall
So lay it down, lay it down

You got your legs up in the sky
With the devil in your eyes
Let me hear you say you want it all
Say it now, say it now


The truth is, I don’t know a lot of song on this particular prompt. Haha! 😀 What songs can you think of for this? Let me know! I’ll listen to them! 😉