The Lottery Tag

I don’t know if it’s just me but winning a huge lottery jackpot is one of my favorite fantasies so when I saw The Lottery Tag posts by Angela and Janah, whose blogs I both love, I wanted to join in even if wasn’t tagged by anyone. Hahaha! Anyway, this was originally created by Natalie. And here’s how Natalie explained it.

Imagine you won the lottery. There is no set sum of money – it could be $100 or $100m dollars – let your imagination run with it. All up for interpretation. Tell us what you would do with that money, and then tag a couple of your blogging friends to do the same. Or don’t. No need to mention me for creating it; you can if you want, but I wouldn’t mind if you didn’t.

Without any more delay, join me as I indulge in my fantasies.

Small Stuff


I don’t mean to buy National Bookstore, of course. But I would like to buy everything I love in NBS. This store has everything a school and office supply nut could imagine. Books, stationery, pens… It’s heaven on Earth!


I’m not too particular with gadgets but if I have lots and lots of extra moola, I’d most definitely give in to the pleasure of these shiny things.

Big Stuff


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There’s a lot of this Earth I haven’t explored. And so I really would like to pack my bags, just pick a place, and just go there. I would like to travel with my family, friends, and alone. Also, I would also love to give my parents their dream vacation.


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As of now, YouTube is my teacher but when I could, I’d someday enroll in a culinary school so I could pursue a passion I’ve just recently discovered.

Really Big Stuff


– I’d renovate my parents’ house, the house where my brothers and I grew up in, so that it stays standing for the next 30, 60, 100 years. I would love for my future nieces and nephews, hopefully my own kids, too, to see the house where we grew up in.


– I’m a city girl but I’d build my dream house somewhere near the beach hopefully where I could see a beautiful sunset every afternoon.


– Although I’m still not sure how to go about this but here’s the idea, I’d like to provide a better access to healthcare for my city. If you’ve visited any of the public hospitals in the Philippines, you’d know how limited access to good healthcare is. I know how complicated this matter is and I know this can’t be solved in a snap but I still would like to be able to do something about it especially in my city. Hopefully the whole country next.


– Of course, I wouldn’t miss an opportunity of a lifetime and invest in something sustainable.


TIME’S UP!!! That’s it.