On Repeat: Movies

Making a list of favorite of movies is just so hard to do because one, there are so many to choose from and, two, how do you choose? So I thought of making a list of movies that are essentially on repeat on my playlist. I’ve watched these movies more than five times. These are my go-to movies whenever I feel like watching something but not really feeling anything in particular. So let’s start!!!



This is about a girl named Julie Baker and her long-time crush Bryce Loski, bearer of the world’s most dazzling eyes. It’s a coming of age movie that’s told from Julie’s and Bryce’s point of view. If I want to forget my state of being an adult, I watch this and reminisce feeling like a teen.

First Daughter


This is also another of my feel-good movies. It’s about the First Daughter of the United States going off to college, trying to balance her personal and high profile life, and ends up falling in love with an undercover Secret Service agent.

Memorable line: “I loved who I got to be with him.”

Life As We Know It


This is about a man and a woman both left with their best friend’s child who eventually find love in each other. Cute, right? Yep, plus it’s got Josh Duhamel… so I’d say that will speak for itself.

Memorable line: “Running a baby is not like running bakery. They’re a mess, they pee on things, they bite. They’re basically dogs.”

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 1 & 2


I love Harry Potter. I may not be able to claim that I’m the biggest fan but I love Harry Potter. And out of the eight movies, these two are my favorite to watch again and again.

Memorable line: “Always.”

Bridget Jones’ Diary


I’ve heard soooo much about this movie for so many years but I never really bothered to watch it. I don’t know why. But man, when I watched it… I got it. I got why so many people love it. Bridget is hilarious!!! I could totally relate to her clumsiness. Bridget is my inspiration. Hahaha!

Memorable line: “I like you, very much. Just as you are.”

Olympus Has Fallen


This movie focuses on a Secret Service agent named Mike Banning who’s just absolutely awesome. Perhaps a man single-handedly saving the White House from terrorists is a little over the top but what I mostly like to watch on these kinds of movies is patriotism and how much it takes to storm into a burning building instead of running away from it, to use one’s body to protect someone else’s, to be worthy of being called a hero. Included in this, too, is its sequel London Has Fallen.

Memorable line: “Classified? Really? Well right now I believe I have the proverbial need to fuckin’ know.”

Silver Linings Playbook


A love story like no other. I’m a rom com nut and I’ve seen tons of movies about perfect people finding love in this crazy world but we rarely see one about two eff-ed up people finding love despite everything. For days when I feel like I’m too broken to ever find love, I watch this.

Memorable line: “The world will break your heart ten ways to Sunday. That’s guaranteed.”

The Avengers


This is by far my favorite of all the Marvel movies. Now, some people may disagree out there but please don’t judge my choices. Haha!

Memorable line: “There’s only one God, ma’am, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that.”



A story about a dad whose estranged daughter gets kidnapped for human trafficking. The dad, played by Liam Neeson, goes through hell to bring his daughter back.

Memorable line: “I will find you and I will kill you.”

So there you go. Those are my favorite movies. Just a few of them actually. What are yours? Do we share anything in common?



Just Random Life Thoughts

The notion of finding someone who will put your broken pieces back together, fix you, heal you, and complete you is wonderful. But wouldn’t it be more poetic if you do that yourself? Accept your brokenness and fight like hell to stand up. Put yourself back together one painful piece at a time. Let the wind and sunshine heal you and your passion complete you.

I think that will be a story more beautiful than any out there for it is entirely your own. Forged by your spirit and the blood in your veins. A story yours alone that no one else can take credit for.

The Power of a Single Scent

In comes the winter breeze
That chills the air and drifts the snow
And I imagine kissing you under the mistletoe
When springtime makes its way here
Lilac blooms reminds me of the scent of your perfume

One scent.

A scent that I could not for the life of me describe. I have no idea what brand of perfume or cologne it is. I don’t even remember it when I voluntarily try to recall it. But I swear just one whiff of it gives me this crazy nostalgia.

Yesterday, it happened again. It was probably one of the worse ways it could happen because it was while I was walking the busy streets of Cogon. For context: being around the public market, the streets of Cogon are jam-packed with people, street vendors everywhere, parked and moving vehicles alike. A vortex of chaos.

It was getting late so we decide to divide and conquer the errands that had to be done. My dad asked me to go buy meat from Ororama Supercenter, which was a few blocks away from where we were parked.

So there I was walking, maneuvering my way around the chaos and attempting to cross a street with a slew of oncoming vehicles, when a cool breeze came along with that scent. I caught a whiff of it and I was done.

How could I have forgotten that smell? The scent I smelled on a lot of days a thousand moons ago. That scent will always bring to me a sense of nostalgia. Memories both happy and said. Memories that I sometimes willingly relive and sometimes I desperately run away from.

Unless I scour the depths of the malls here around the city, I’ll probably never find out what scent that was. And I choose not to. Because, as much I hate suddenly being nostalgic while crossing a street, I also like being hit with some of my favorite memories without notice. Like a good kind of warmth on a long, tiring day.

A time machine.

That is the power of a single scent. It takes you back to what once was.

With that, let me cap off my reverie with this beautiful song from Boyz II Men, 4 Seasons of Loneliness.

On turning 28

In a few days, I’ll be turning 28. Two more years and I’m hitting the big 3-0. I’m not writing this though because I’m so freakingly excited about my birthday. In fact, I don’t really know how I feel about it. I guess I’m in that kind of state where I’m neither excited nor dreading it?

Although, you must be thinking, “If you’re not feeling anything, then WTH are you writing about it?” Well, maybe not feeling is different from not thinking. Boy, knowing myself, I know I’ve done a lot lately (and the past 27 years of my life) when it’s past midnight and I couldn’t sleep, which happens daily, by the way. I believe my most coherent and insightful thoughts happen at 12Am to 2AM.

Like always, I start off missing someone I shouldn’t be missing, then I move on to enumerating the reasons why I should stop missing said person. It goes on to thinking about current life state, to questioning my life choices, to trying extremely hard to motivate and inspire myself, to worrying about my mental state. Truthfully, the list goes on. And on. That’s insomnia and overthinking for you right there.

Wait. What was I trying to say again? Hmmm. Oh. Yeah. My birthday. In nine days? So I had a lot planned in the middle of the year but none of those will be happening really. Because life. Priorities. Responsibilities. And other words associated with trying to become a decent adult. Yesterday, I was beating myself up and was just completely frustrated at how every time I try hard, something always f*cks it up. If I try so hard to make one aspect of my life work, another falls apart right in my face. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. Just stating some “facts.”

Thankfully, I’m the kind of person who can present oneself with hard truths. One truth is I may have tried but I didn’t try harder. Got around to telling myself, “If trying hard didn’t work out, then try your hardest.” Or maybe I should stop using the word “try” altogether and just “do.” Work. Make it happen. Okay, so I’m pep-talking myself.

Anyway, so I’m getting older. I’m not scared, just absolutely terrified. Kidding. On another subject, here’s a dog for you out there.



I wish I could talk to you right now. No. Actually,  I wish you would talk to me right now. But for some reason, you wouldn’t. I have no idea if I did something wrong. Maybe it’s just me overthinking again. Whatever it is, I hope you’re doing well and everything’s fine.



That’s not the date as of writing this. I guess I just want to concretely remember that date because it’s the date I finally became honest to myself. Last night, for the first time ever, I admitted to myself out loud that I’m actually scared of ending up alone.

I’ve always been on the fence about it because I’m pretty great at being alone. Heck, I thrive at being alone because I’m not very good with people. I always thought that spending the rest of my life alone won’t be a big deal and it won’t be such a bad thing. I’ll be free. I’d get to do whatever the hell I want. Go wherever, leave whenever. Ultimate definition of freedom.

But I guess I gave myself too much credit. I’m just a person after all. So yes, I’ll be fine but I am shit scared. I’ll just have to find out whatever happens.


Note to Self

For the love of God, stop being afraid. Stop being so terrified of failing again. Of disappointing the people around you again. Of disappointing yourself. Try. Try harder this time. Fight like hell. Give yourself a chance.