Promise to Self

In the off chance that some poor soul stumbles upon this blog, a word of warning: this is NOT a happy organized place. This will be an online channel of the clutter in my head. Now, before this takes on an entirely miserable tone, let me tell you why I’m here.

Have you ever been given the advice in the words of “put yourself out there?” Well, I have and oftentimes I even give that same advice to myself. (Sounds crazy, right?) This is me “putting myself out there.” I’m not sure where “out there” exactly is but I guess this is something.

This blog is a promise. A promise to myself. A promise that I will stop being scared and do something. I’ve always wanted to put up a blog. After putting it off for years, I finally got around to it.  That said, this blog will be a work in progress. I’ll be figuring out how to shape this project of mine. I already have ideas and I will get to them.

Random. Everything in between. That is me. Hence, I will be writing about anything. Mind you, I have read tons of “How to Start a Blog” articles before actually starting this and they all emphasized the importance of a distinct subject. But let’s put that on the back burner for now and jump right in because the main reason I’m starting this is I want to have stories. Happy stories, dark, random, angry. Everything. Mundane to profound. This will be my story.