Through a Daughter’s Eyes: Letter + Stories about Dad

It’s Father’s Day! Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there! Most especially, Happy Father’s Day to my very own amazing dad. With this, I’d like to share with everyone little stories or memories I have with my father. I’m also sharing my short letter to him.



As a kid, whenever I was scared or nervous about something, my dad always tells me to hug him as tight as I could and transfer all my fears to him. And that he’d swim in the ocean for me and wash all my fears away.


Dad took me to his hometown a lot as a kid. Zamboanga City is about 300 miles away where we lived so we took a lot of bus rides together. I loved how he knew all the places we passed by from years and years of traveling the route. I’d always ask him where we were whenever we were passing a remote area without signs, he’d always have an answer, and it’d be right when I checked the next sign I see.


My dad drinks. A lot. But when I was younger, I never saw him throw a fit when he was drunk. He rarely goes out drinking with friends. He just drinks by himself in our house and he goes to sleep.


There was one time when he took me with him to a friend’s house. They were drinking and it was totally fine with me because of all the food. We were sitting on tall benches then. I was a short kid (I still am, by the way) so my feet couldn’t reach the ground. On top of being short, I was also clumsy (still am, too) so I fell off the bench and landed straight on the ground with rocks. Went home with a huge wound on my knee.


It was dad who taught me how to swim. When I was still learning, he’d tell me to start at one point and swim towards him. As I did that, he’d always move backwards a little bit. I’d always feel cheated. But I truly am grateful that he did that because that taught me to not be afraid of the water.


Dad also taught me how to ride a bike. He spent hours and hours with me, teaching me, holding the bike while I was finding my balance. I remember vividly the feeling I had when he first let go and I was pedaling on my own.


I remember the first (?) fight we had. I accused him of not believing in me. He went in my room that night and told me he was sorry for whatever he said.


I remember the phone call I made to him when I told him I might not graduate as expected on my fourth year of college. I was crying like the world was about to end. He told me it was okay but he did not tell me that when I called, he was already confined at a hospital.


I think my dad and I have this special connection because sometimes I’d hear him calling me. I’d run to wherever he was in our house and I’d asked him what it is. He’d say he didn’t call me but he was just thinking of me. Weird, I know.


Dear Dad,

Thank you for everything you did for me and for everything you continue to do for me even if you didn’t have to. I’ve broken your heart a hundred different times in a hundred different ways. I am sorry. I promise I will never stop trying to be a better daughter to you and mom. I’ll make you happy one day and someday you will stop worrying about me. I love you more than I can ever imagine.





A Good Day

Any time spent with the family is a time well-spent indeed. Last Saturday, April 15th, my family and I went to Talisayan, Misamis Oriental to visit a piece of property that my parents own there. Talisayan is a special place to us because it is my maternal grandmother’s hometown. I’ve gone there countless of times as a kid but I haven’t really made it back there in a long time. Here are some snippets of that day.


Here’s me, being an annoying sister. Haha!


A little family photo shoot with special participation of my dad’s ear.


Seriously, we barely had decent photos.


Roadside find: Sweet corn for 20 pesos. One of the best I’ve had!


We had what I would call an ironic dry picnic. Ironic because the beach was just a few steps away and none of us went there. It was packed with people! It was around 2PM when we at lunch, by then, everyone was too hungry to even think of taking photos so this is the only one I got. Hahaha!


On my insistence, we had a stopover at Balingasag for a few minutes on our way back. We got lost at first but I think getting lost was definitely worth it. I really wish there’s something like this in Cagayan de Oro.

Finally, here are three of my favorite photos of this trip.




We got back in CDO at around 7PM. Mom talked dad into treating us out for dinner out. Yay! We had dinner at Gerry’s Grill.


On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d say that day was a 9, almost perfect. It would’ve been perfect if my elder brother and his family were with us, too. For that, I declare my family’s official tagline to be: Always Incomplete.


A little miracle


Last Thursday, May 5, our family welcomed this little cuteness into our little circle. I’m having doubts on writing about this because he’s not really my kid. He’s my brother’s. But I decided to write about it anyway because his arrival made me feel and realize things.

Love. A human being’s capability to love is puzzling to me. Maybe it’s instinctive to love him because he’s family but whatever the reason is, it’s nice to be reminded that my heart isn’t made of stone. The thought of having a child is terrifying to me. Somehow, this gives me a peace of mind that if ever I do have a child, I am capable of loving him or her at first glance. Without question. Without condition.

A birth is probably one life’s most beautiful miracles. I am a huge skeptic. I’m the kind of person who will doubt everything. I’m not religious. I don’t have the strongest faith. I falter when it comes to faith every single time. Seeing this little bundle, made me appreciate the beauty of conception and bringing life into the world. This little thing made the skeptic in me shut up for a second and just believe that miracles are real.