30 Day Song Challenge: Day 7


Day 7 – A Song to Drive to

Undying Admiration by David Pomeranz

Year Released: 1999 (?)

Sometimes late at night
I sit beside our bed
Watching you sleeping so sweetly
I’m almost completely out of my head
Every breath you breathe
Is a work of art
Everytime you sigh just breaks my heart
There’s no one in this whole world
Inspires me the way that you do

Okay. So someone who knows this song might find this choice weird. There’s a story to this. I was about in fifth grade when David Pomeranz released his album and my mom had a tape (remember those tiny things?) of it. So she’d play it day in and out on our drive to wherever. Undying Admiration is one of my favorites on that album. It’s kind of an unusual choice but then one could drive to any song as long as you love it, right? πŸ™‚


How about you, what’s your road trip playlist?


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