Sunday Currently | 01

For the past three weeks (I think), I’ve been trying to post something up on my blog twice a week. This Sunday, I originally wanted to post something that I had written a couple weeks before but never published. I was about to schedule it a few days ago, I read it again and… I just absolutely hated it! I could not bear publishing it. Hahaha!

Since I did not want to break my streak, I decided on finally doing this. The Sunday Currently tag (I may be using a wrong term here) has been one of the first things I’ve been interested in doing when I started blogging but I always put it off. Yes, like everything else in my life.

So I know this was originally created by Siddathornton but I first saw this from Maine Mendoza, who blogs over at The Pessimistic Optimistic Bella. She is one of the local celebrities I love. She’s not just funny, she super smart as well. She writes insightful blogs and really lovely poems. OK… let me stop there before I totally fangirl over here.

After that long-winded intro, here is my first-ever (hopefully not last) entry to Sunday Currently


My standard pambahay (house clothes) outfit. Shorts and shirt. And… TMI Alert!!! No bra. 😀


To my brother snoring. It’s always like this in our house. Everybody’s snoring while I’m wide awake, forcing myself to sleep. My insomnia and I have forever.


About future plans. So last Friday, I learned that my original game plan (in life) may not work. I’m really bummed because 1) I’ve been totally energized about that plan and 2) I don’t know what else to do. At least not yet. I’ll figure this out. Vague, right? Perhaps I’ll talk about it one day.


That the best is yet to come. It doesn’t feel like it sometimes but I really do hope it would come.


Excited and nervous. I have a school event later. We’d be getting dolled up and all and for a formal function so I’m excited. Yet I’m nervous because I was assigned to be the host of the said event. And I’m just praying I won’t embarrass myself later.

Thinking 2

Why I even accepted that hosting assignment. And how I really should be sleeping right about now.

Hoping 2

I won’t trip over while dancing *cringes* and embarrass myself even more.


That I’ve been kind of productive lately. Blog-wise and life-wise.


More positive vibes 😉


Lazy afternoons during college days. Our university was by the beach (sounds awesome, right?!?) so my friends and I spent quite a lot of afternoons on one of the benches in the campus under the shades of acacia trees either studying or just hanging out with sea breeze on our skins. Ahhh those were the days…


I guess that’s it for my Sunday Currently entry but before I leave, let me show you a photo of our lovely campus that I miss so much.


Photo from Philippine Tourist Destinations


Hope you all have a great Sunday!!!



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