My Happy Project

So I was inspired to do this post by another blogger. Her name is Glaiza and she blogs over here. I was thrilled when I found her blog because I learned she’s from the Philippines as well. Plus she has really lovely photos! She has a series on her blog called The Happy List where she lists down things that have recently made her happy. I’ve been loving reading her lists ever since I found her blog a few months back.

Here’s the thing…

I’m a cloud-over-my-head kind of person. If something happens, my mind always jumps straight to the worst case scenario. I don’t have a bag full of positivity with me all the time. And if you follow me and happen to have read a couple of my posts, you might notice that my posts are on, let’s say, the melodramatic side.

Let’s just say I’m more of a pessimist hence being super positive isn’t really a natural trait for me but I’ve decided to change things up and give positivity a shot. Nothing wrong in trying, right?


That is why I decided to do my very own list of happy things. I’m calling this My Happy Project. This project’s goal is to constantly remind myself of appreciating the little joys no matter how stressful life may get and to slowly teach myself to be positive. Because, you know, more positivity, less wrinkles!

Anyway, here is my first-ever list!

*Speaking of firsts, my first-ever muffins!

So… to be completely honest, I cannot take full credit for these. I can take one-sixth of the credit, I guess. 🙂 A few weeks ago, my group (from a class I’m taking right now) was assigned to bake muffins in one of our modules. This was my first time baking. I would love to practice baking more in the future though when I have a functional oven. These are vanilla muffins, by the way! They don’t look too muffin-y but they tasted like one. 😀




I haven’t seen Despicable Me 3 but I did see one of its trailer where Agnes was freaking out about unicorns. It was so cute! I’m obsessed with her cuteness. So I deliberately went to McDonald’s to get a Happy Meal. That grown-up lady buying a Happy Meal ALONE? Yup, ME!!!


*Night Out

Catching up with my cousin! Kay and I weren’t able to hang out for a long time. A month. Haha! So it was really great to spend time again. Photo below isn’t from the actual night out as we didn’t take photos from that day.


Class Activity

June 18. Our class did a little feeding program for the kids in one relocation site in the city. A few years ago, there was a huge flood in our city and these kids’ families were affected. There were less kids than we expected but I guess we were in an area with not so many but our activity was still a huge success!


*Food, drinks, and karaoke!

After our activity, we decided to have lunch at one of our classmate’s place. We bought lechon manok and liempo (roasted chicken and grilled pork belly). We also took the chance to hangout some more for drinks and a karaoke session!


Aaand… there you go! Those are the things to be that I’m happy and grateful about. How about you guys, what made you smile?

Keep smiling!!!


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