30-Day Challenge: Day 24

I would like to believe believe that I’m not like every other girl who has a checklist of traits of their ideal guy. While, in fact, I do not have an actual checklist written on paper or any other form, I guess I do have a few things in mind. Of course, I didn’t stay up late one night thinking about these things while I was little (that wasn’t my thing then). Although I stay up late every night up because I have the cursed fate of an insomniac. These traits are, more often than not, guaranteed to make me swoon and, in my mind, decorating our future house together. Kidding.

  • Sense of Humor – Who doesn’t like a good laugh? He doesn’t have to be overly hilarious. Just someone who enjoys a good laugh every now and then.
  • One hell of a smile – A smile that could make a heat skip a beat like I have arrhythmia

Well, like I said, I don’t have a list. I have a few things though that I would want in a guy like I want someone affectionate just because I think that would balance things out because I’m not affectionate myself. Personally speaking though, I don’t like to lose sleep on these things because in reality, people rarely ever get what they think is ideal. So why should I bother picturing the ideal guy, right? I wouldn’t get it anyway.


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