30-Day Challenge: Day 16

Most Filipino kids grew up, in my opinion, being constantly reminded by parents and guardians to study hard because it’s the only inheritance they could give. I’m one of those kids. My parents always emphasized the importance of studying hard and finishing college because, as I said, it’s the one inheritance they could leave that no one would ever take away.

I wasn’t a straight As student. I slacked off a lot especially in college. After finishing college on such mediocrity, of course, I have regrets. So this is my message to all the students out there.

Enjoy being young but please make sure you don’t compromise your studies. For the record, I know you guys won’t listen to me but I’ll still put this out here. Yes, getting the highest marks isn’t everything. However, make sure you learn and not just memorize. Don’t avoid the terror Literature teacher. One day, you’d wish you were able to take his class. Heck, don’t avoid any terror teacher. Embrace them (not literally, of course) and conquer your fear of them. Trust me, you’ll learn a lot from them once you stop the urge of peeing your pants in class.

I believe that a good education is relevant to a young person’s transition into adulthood. It makes us holistic, open-minded individuals. However, don’t think for a moment that just because you’re well-educated and others are not, that those who are not, are beneath you. I’ve seen lots of educated people behave worse than the average Joe. So in closing, this is what I have to say: Don’t let your high IQ and your impressive educational background take away your humanity.


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