30-Day Challenge: Day 14

Three Healthy Habits

I cringe while writing this because I find doing this post highly hypocritical since I am probably one of the unhealthiest persons on the face of the Earth. I admit though that I am trying to be healthy even though I am still in square one. These are the three things I’m starting on right now.

  1. Walking – I’ve had a sedentary lifestyle for most of my life so getting into the grind isn’t easy. I’m taking things one step at a time, no pun intended. This is just the first step I’m taking into having a healthier lifestyle.
  2. Less rice – I live in the Philippines where eating rice is life. Removing rice from my diet is equivalent to removing a part of my lungs. Breathing is difficult without rice. Well, I’m exaggerating but you get my point. So the solution is to reduce the amount of rice I eat. I must say it’s a good start.
  3. Regular skin care routine – Let me just put this out here that I suck at being a girlie girl. I have zero idea about fashion, the only thing I have an ounce of clue when it comes to make-up are lipsticks. Trust me, I try. I watch tons of make-up tutorials on YouTube and I only become more confused and overwhelmed. And it was only recently that I gave a fuck about skin care. So I’m proudly putting this bit on my list of healthy habits.

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