30-Day Challenge: Day 10

Best Trip of My Life

I haven’t taken a lot of trips but definitely right off the bat, I would say that one of the best trips I had was I think the first-ever family vacation we had in years. That was last December 2014. My family doesn’t take a lot of vacations together so it was quite a surprise that my parents decided to have one that year. It was pretty special for me because it was the first time in a long time that we went on a trip where we were complete. We used to go on a lot of road trips when we were kids but it dwindled down as we grew up and had lives of our own.

Along with mom, dad, kuya, kuya’s wife, my niece, my younger brother, and myself, we went to Dumaguete on the 26th of December, a day after Christmas and my mom’s birthday. The parentals with my brother, Charles, and I drove from Cagayan de Oro to Dapitan. Kuya and his family drove from Zamboanga. From Dapitan, we took a ferry to Dumaguete where we stayed a few days.

Now, I don’t have decent photos for this post. We’re a family that rarely takes pictures. Most of the pictures I have from this trip are of my niece. I may not have photos to show, I did have takeaways from this trip.

Home is wherever my family is. I could be in the middle of a desert as long as I’m with them, I know I’ll be fine.

We hit a lot of roadblocks on that trip. Hotels were fully-booked the day we arrived so we had to sleep in a motel-ish guesthouse. Having to consider every person’s preference, deciding where to eat was an absolute nightmare. Seriously, there were times time when we didn’t eat together. (Haha! Talk about spending quality time). Since we were caught in an impending typhoon, the Philippine Coast Guard cancelled all the ferry trips. Since we already checked out by the time we learned about the cancellation, we couldn’t go back to the hotel we previously stayed in because it was already full by then (tons of cancelled trips!). Thankfully we managed to get a room in another hotel where six adults and a naughty toddler slept in a two-person room. It was fun though!


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