30-Day Challenge: Day 9


Here’s the thing, I love watching “What’s in my bag” videos on YouTube so this post is a little exciting and terrifying at this time. I long for this to be perfect but what the hell. So here it goes.

What’s in my bag

Wallet: Something I got from Avon. I love window shopping for wallets but for some reason, my wallets are for wear-and-tear. I’ve had this brown wallet for a few years and it looks like I won’t be replacing any time soon since it’s still in good condition.

Coin Purse: Not seen on the picture above but I usually carry a coin purse with me. I’m the kind of girl carries a lot of coins. Seriously, 1/16 of my bag’s weight is from my coins. Having coins is pretty convenient for someone who commutes. Public utility drivers could be assholes and not give you the exact change, so having coins is pretty handy.

Nail Polish: As stated on a previous post, nail polish is my life. So I one (or two) around me just in case I decide to swing by the salon. You see, I suck at putting polish on myself. It’s a bloodbath.

Alcohol: No, I don’t carry liquor around with me. Fine, let’s just call it a disinfectant. I’m not a germophobe but better safe than sorry, right?

Lipstick: I am clueless about make-up. This is about as girl as I can get.

Umbrella: I live in a tropical country (Philippines) where the weather is equal parts chill and schizophrenic. Right now, my city feels like we’re a few steps away from the sun. In the next few weeks, we’ll be burning in the morning and drenched in the evening. That is what the umbrella is for. Rain or shine, it won’t fail you.

Wipes: Photo above shows a pack of feminine wipes specifically. I find carrying a roll of tissue (does anyone even do that?) around frustrating. No need to explain this further I guess.

Compact powder: I carry this around mostly for the mirror. It’s only on very rare moments that I use the power. As I’ve said, I’m clueless about make-up.

School supplies: No, I’m not a student but I carry a stash of writing materials with me because I love jotting down stuff. I tend to forget a lot of things so whenever I run errands I need to write stuff down for the sake of my sanity. Also, of course, I need to write ideas down and other stuff.

Notebooks: Of course, I need somewhere to write on. So I carry notebooks with me. These things contain my deepest darkest secrets.

Book: Whatever book I’m currently reading, I usually have it with me when I’m out. Right now, it’s Doomed by Chuck Palahniuk.

Headphones: For music on days when I’m feeling extra anti-social.

House keys: I wish I could these are car keys but I don’t have a car so that’ll have to do for now. I live with my family but I have my own set of case in case I go home late and, you know, it’s a hassle to still have to knock and wait for someone to answer the door.



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