A little miracle


Last Thursday, May 5, our family welcomed this little cuteness into our little circle. I’m having doubts on writing about this because he’s not really my kid. He’s my brother’s. But I decided to write about it anyway because his arrival made me feel and realize things.

Love. A human being’s capability to love is puzzling to me. Maybe it’s instinctive to love him because he’s family but whatever the reason is, it’s nice to be reminded that my heart isn’t made of stone. The thought of having a child is terrifying to me. Somehow, this gives me a peace of mind that if ever I do have a child, I am capable of loving him or her at first glance. Without question. Without condition.

A birth is probably one life’s most beautiful miracles. I am a huge skeptic. I’m the kind of person who will doubt everything. I’m not religious. I don’t have the strongest faith. I falter when it comes to faith every single time. Seeing this little bundle, made me appreciate the beauty of conception and bringing life into the world. This little thing made the skeptic in me shut up for a second and just believe that miracles are real.


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