30-Day Challenge: Day 6

What I’m afraid of

I’m afraid of a lot of things but that’s mostly because I tend to worry a lot and overthink everything. I mean I could be walking under the rain while there’s a lightning and I’m panicking because in my head there’s a good chance that lightning is going to find its way to me. However, that’s just me being crazy. Aside from my irrational fear of the dark and ghosts (I don’t think those two count), I guess I’m only really afraid of three things.



Photo from: http://www.wherecoolthingshappen.com

I tell you, merely looking at the picture above and my stomach starts churning. I could not go down a steep flight of stairs without someone below me. Aerial shots in movies already make me want to puke.

Closed Spaces


Photo from: http://www.npr.org

I think I’m okay with most closed spaces. I’m okay with being inside a room, of course. However, if it’s too tight, like, right-in-my-face tight, I start getting suffocated. Breathing becomes a chore. Packed elevators, crowded places, small cars are my nightmare.

Oh, yeah, a recent addition to the list…



Photo from www.stcharlesmonuments.net

Here’s my previous post about my fear of death.

So yes, those are the things that scare me. My hope, though, is that this list doesn’t keep growing. Let’s keep it in check.


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