30-Day Challenge: Day 2

20 Facts About Me

  1. I have three names. Yes, three.
  2. My full name is so long it scores 47 on the tiles from Scrabble.
  3. I once dabbled on writing romance.
  4. I’ve published four books locally.
  5. I was once in Med School. Got out screaming.
  6. I’m so attention deficit (not officially diagnosed) I could never stay on one channel for too long.
  7. I studied Taekwondo. Blue belter! Stopped there because it’s my favorite color. Kidding, I stopped for reasons I can’t remember.
  8. Speaking of my favorite color, I used to like only the color blue but now I also like purple and some lighter shades of it.
  9. I get crazy emotional on goodbye scenes. Whether I’m watching an action movie or a comedy, if there’s a goodbye scene, chances are I’m already quietly sobbing.
  10. Nail polish is life. I’m not a connoisseur and I don’t have a collection but if I’d have all the money in world, I’m hunting down all the best nail polishes.
  11. I love books and reading. However, I did discover my love for words and fiction pretty late so I’ve lots of catching up to do.
  12. Oh, yeah, I hate e-books. I don’t hate hate it… I just — I have no love for it. I like actual books where I turn the pages and not flip through it. Manang alert!!!
  13. I fell from a vehicle while it was running. Yes, it was in motion.
  14. I once pretended to like cats (even though I loathe them) because a boy I liked loved cats.
  15. My dad almost lost me when I was a child. I almost boarded the wrong bus during travel. Good thing my dad saw me before everything was too late. I sometimes wonder how everything would have turned out.
  16. I hate having to get a haircut so much. On the worst days, I’d rather see my dentist  than visit the salon. Hair treatments are fine. Haircuts, no.
  17. Saying that I love the TV series Charmed is an understatement. I can’t count how many times I’ve watched it.
  18. I’ve never watched any of the LOTR movies. I know, I should be ashamed.
  19. I started watching Game of Thrones but stopped on the second episode of the first season. Meh.
  20. Fireworks make me cry.


Note: Image taken from Google


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