30-Day Challenge: Day 1

Blog’s name:  Through Crazy Eyes

My blog isn’t about anything specific as this is a personal blog. I haven’t totally figured out what I’ll do with it but one thing’s for certain: this will be my story. A story of my life or a story of life from my point of view.

I got the idea from one of my favorite TV shows ever. How I Met Your Mother. There was one episode about some girls having “crazy eyes.” Basically, the “crazy eyes” was an indication of a future mental instability.

I’m not crazy (at least not yet). But I do think I am a part-time crazy person. This is the blog of a part-time crazy person, what better to name than Through Crazy Eyes, right?

URL:  hiddenxty.wordpress.com

No elaborate meaning here except that I have a knack for being mysterious. Or I would like to think I’m mysterious. Xty is a text (shortcut) version of my name Christie. Essentially then it means hidden me. Appropriately so since not a single soul knows about this blog. And I hope it stays that way for a long time.






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